sâmbătă, 29 iunie 2013

Aurora - GW2 Multihack! by Buffy & Eiden


Aurora Beta Vol. 2.0 Participate now! - Windows 7 only!

All Accounts have been viped, you need to register again!

Post any issues ( cause there will be issues ) BUT do not post here if you don't follow the thread! - don't cry about the hack not working, it's beta, we are here to find out what works and what doesn't!
Constructive reviews only!

Aurora is a brand new, entirely in c++ coded multihack for the game "Guild Wars 2". buFFy! and me have been developing this for a couple of weeks now and are extremly proud to present it!

Remember that you have to leave a feedback and post screenshots.
Also remember to censore every single shown playername, even if it's not you.



-Field of View
-No Clip (World)
-No Clip (Object)
-Teleport on Kill
-Autoloot when above
-Autoloot with teleport
-Click to Teleport


-3 Rotationmodes
-Don't rotate
-by character
-by camera
-Show heading
-customizable refreshrate
-customizable color
-customizable entitysizes
-customizable radarsize
-customizable transparency
-customizable position
-Teleport on Entityclick
-Show info on Entityhover
-Placeable on minimap
-Minimap dependand zoom

-Show HP
-Show distance
-Show Player Names
-Show Health Bars
-works through walls


-Target on leftclick
-Teleport on rightclick
-customizable position
-Friendly and Foe Count (extremely helpful in WvW)
-Downed players
-Distinguishes between foes and friendly


-Teleport to any coordset
-Load lists
-Save lists
-Create own waypoints
-Rename own waypoints
-Delete own waypoints
-Display own position
-A huge database of waypoints
-Midnight compatible
-supports auto and manual sync


-Take items from tradingpost (from everywhere)
-Deposit / Withdraw gold;silver;copper (from everywhere)
-Autoexplore Waypoints
-Autoexplore Vistas
-Autoexplore Points of interest
-Autogather resources
-customizable Gather/Explore delay
-WvW-Mode (disables Teleports)
-2 Teleportmodes:
-Chickenmode (prevents death)
-fully customizable hotkeys
-automatically saves and loads settings
-Easy handling and layperson friendly
-Automatically updates itself
-Always up to date!


-Chat with other Aurora users!
-supports timestamps


-Playerwarning with distance



How to:

- Extract into an empty folder!
- Run Guild Wars 2, login to your account!
- Run Aurora.exe
- Inject to your Guild Wars 2 process
- Register an account! Remember your datas well, you can only register 1 account!
- Login!
- Have fun!
- After closing Guild Wars, run killaurora.bat, otherwhise the Aurora process will remain in your process list!

We hope to release Aurora as soon as possible.
Are you looking forward to it already ? Leave comments below!

FAQ Section:
- Why doesn't teleport work?
Go to the Misc-Tab and uncheck the WvW-Mode Checkbox (no Teleport)
Uncheck the No Autosynch Checkbox!
Warning: Teleporting is dangerous, use with extreme caution

- Is Click2Port Working?
Yes it is! Check the Checkbox in the Hacks-Tab, set a Hotkey in the Hotkey-Menu to be found
in the Misc-Tab, hold down the Hotkey and left click anywhere you want to go, remember to
enable teleportation! (read above)

- Autoexplore:
Why are no coordinates found for this map?
Only a few maps have been added so far, check the ini folder.
They are named after there MapID, I will add a MapID-Display soon, coordinates are Midnight compatible!

On final release there will be more maps and more can be added easily by the community!
To try autoexplore just go to Province Metrica in order to try it out!

- My game crashes a lot:
Try lowering the graphic settings
Disable ESP just to try

- Aurora inject on Windows 7 doesn't work:
Run both Aurora and Gw2 as Admin and try compatibility modes!

- If it still crashes, let us know! Copy the Crash log (press show details when the crash occurs) into a personal message!